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  1. We care about the health of our customers.
  2. We believe in the power of the Team.
  3. We treat each other with humility and respect.
  4. We conduct our business with integrity and honesty.
  5. We build products to help people first, profit second.
  6. We give back to our community.
  7. We are committed to work/life balance.

The Perfect Promise

I promise you: If you take control of your Body, you can take control of your Life.

Sounds simple doesn't it? Perhaps even too good to be true - let me assure you - it works. This wasn't a revelation that came to me overnight or from some self-help books or from time in a classroom. No, this principle took me 25 years to understand. I experienced it first-hand while learning to row competitively (as an asthmatic); while learning to succeed as a platoon commander in the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, and as an entrepreneur, learning to build a company with a higher purpose.

Each time the goal was different, but the building blocks for success were the same. Nowhere was it more clearly spelled out for me than in SEAL Team. Though SEAL training isn't for everyone, the lessons learned can be helpful to everyone who's on a mission to get the most out of life. At the heart of the lessons learned is what I call The PERFECT Promise - our company's guarantee, if you will - it's the reason we're in business - it's what kept us going when others urged us to quit - it's our team's moral compass and it's what keeps US Fired UP!

The PERFECT Promise shows you how to control the three things in life that you can control. You can't control the laws of nature, nor can you control the nature of others, but what you can control, influences outcomes in your life. The choice to live the life you dream is yours when you take charge of your Brain, Body and Attitude. Learn to control these three, and your only limitations will be the ones you choose.

While this choice will challenge your resolve - and it should! - living it is unimaginably rewarding. I am Fired UP to share this understanding with all who celebrate life as a gift and feel no shame in getting the absolute most out of it. Our company, Team PERFECT, is on a mission to serve everyone who desires a life lived to the fullest extent of their imagination - to serve those who realize that's the point of living - anything less, and we haven't truly lived.


Consider this your personal invitation to join our Team. The door is wide open for all of you who are ready to dream without limitation and to live without regret or excuse -we welcome you with open arms!

For those of you who have allowed fear of failure (or fear of success!) to make a home in your soul and build boundaries of things you think you can't achieve, and for those of you whose spirit is poisoned by negative attitudes - WE HAVE BEEN THERE - - we know how it feels.

Understand this: you are the ONLY ONE who can change and cast off these shackles of limitation and turn your life into what you want it to be - we cannot do it for you. If you agree that fear of change is a poor substitute for pursuing your dreams, then this can be the first step in your journey - and until you do step forward, you will be a prisoner within yourself, a shipwrecked spirit without rudder or compass, subject to the winds of your own self-imposed limitations... or even worse, the limitations of others.

This is not a recipe for overnight success - this is a chart on which you can plot your progress as you travel a life-long voyage of succeeding, because this journey is the destination. Actively applying The PERFECT Promise to your life will teach you that luck favors the prepared - that sweat opens the gates of excellence - that the mother of perfection is commitment - that the greatest power is perseverance - and that the support of your team is exponentially more powerful than any opposing group of individuals.

You have nothing to lose but your own self-imposed limitations, and you can gain anything you dare to imagine. We believe that by sharing our understanding with you, you can become as passionate about your potential as we are - this is how we are teammates to all, teachers to some and students of others. We know of no greater reward in life than helping others unlock their success and achieve their dreams.

Master and Commander

The PERFECT Promise makes you Master and Commander of your Brain, Body, and Attitude. The key is the understanding that, by taking charge of them, you can create your destiny - you can literally make your dreams into your reality. Succeeding in small things begets success in big ones, and the simplest way to begin your journey of success is to succeed at being in charge of yourself. Once you learn to direct your Body by using how your Body moves naturally to lose weight, build muscle and gain strength, you will unleash powerful physiological forces that will fuel your Brain and Attitude with positive momentum and start the attraction of other positive forces toward you.

Let's focus on the relationship between your Brain, Body and Attitude and how each one is dependent upon the other. By understanding this relationship, you'll see that If you take control of your Body, you can take control of your Life.


BRAIN: When we say your Brain, we mean the organ that is your cerebral cortex and all its neural synapses that comprise your consciousness. Your Brain is your own personal computer - it is both limited and limitless: it is limited by the input you allow it to accept and limitless in what you enable it to compute. And like a computer, it requires energy to run its processors. If the energy it receives is insufficient or inferior, then the brain slows its processors down to conserve energy and prioritize the most vital functions - such as breathing and keeping your heart beating - to preserve baseline existence.

But the better the energy, the more robust the processing power. Your Brain is always functioning - collecting, cataloging, and synthesizing data - comparing and contrasting it with what you've told it and what it's learning. This is important - CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to understand - your Brain is only as powerful as the input it's given. Your Brain only knows the boundaries and limitations that you accept. You decide if you want your Brain to adopt someone else's limitations. You decide whether input is fact or fiction. You decide what your Brain accepts or rejects, because YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR BRAIN.

BODY: Your Body partners with the purpose of your Brain, serving as its home. The mission of the Body is to be a life support system for your Brain - to feed, protect, and supply input to your consciousness. Its three components are your Pulmonary, Muscular/Skeletal, and Central Nervous Systems. These systems are completely dependent upon each other to ensure optimal Brain functionality. How well they operate determines how well you perform.

Here's a brief definition of each one as it relates to Brain performance:

  1. Pulmonary System: this is your heart, lungs and the piping (arteries, veins, and lymph system) that conduct food (oxygen and other essential nutrients) to the Brain and to all the other organs that support the performance of Brain function.
  2. Muscular/Skeletal System: this system is comprised of more than 200 bones and 650 muscles that work together to create movement as directed by your Brain.
  3. Central Nervous System: this is your sensory system that maintains and monitors sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch, and its electrical wiring (nerves) that provides input to your Brain, enabling your Brain to act or react.

You need these three systems for your Brain to experience anything in life. If your Body isn't trained to use its lungs, muscles and nerves - e.g. run or swim or hike - then experiencing your first 10K, snorkeling in crystal blue waters or seeing the world from a summit you've climbed, will be lost as inputs to your Brain. This, in turn, influences how much of your dreams you can live, what level of satisfaction you experience and what limitations you chose as your own.

ATTITUDE: Your Attitude is what makes you, uniquely you. Some call this your "Thoughts" or "Feelings" or "Beliefs." In SEAL Team, they call it "Fire in the Gut." We call it Attitude, because when you believe something is true, it is functionally true for you - nothing else matters. Attitude is your desire that convinces your analytic Brain to override the Body's supposed limitations when it would otherwise quit but instead decides to keep on going. It can be your most powerful accelerator, propelling you to succeed against all odds or it can cause you to hit the brakes and quit the race before it even starts.

Your collective consciousness is comprised of your daily thoughts, your analytic and creative horsepower (enabling planning and completion of tasks throughout every millisecond of the day) and your subconscious (busy building your dreams while you're asleep). Everyone knows "You are what you eat" but how many take full advantage of what Buddha said best, "You are what you think." The key is appreciating that what you think about is what you are. And the health of your Attitude is dependent upon what you choose to believe. Attitude is the fuel for the fire in your gut.

Attitude can be your secret weapon for success or arrange your date with disaster. Attitude defines who you are, and quite literally, what you attract. Positive Attitude will attract more positives in your life, while a negative Attitude is the delivery system for defeat and failure.

We're born with neither positive nor negative Attitude: we're born with the ability to choose.

Lesson Learned #1: The Body obeys the Brain; the Brain accepts what Attitude decides is possible; and Attitude determines your success or failure, because Attitude is what powers your persistence to pursue your dreams.

Lesson Learned #2: However powerfully positive or negative your Attitude is, you're always right! Whether you "Can," or you "Can't," you're correct - it's your own custom-tailored, self-fulfilling destiny.

Lesson Learned #3: Your perspective on life is the foundation for your Attitude. View life as a gift to be lived to the fullest extent of your imagination and you will get the most out of it. View life as a chore, then you will see only problems, and miss all the opportunities.

The Connection

The MOST IMPORTANT thing to understand is that the strength of your Attitude is directly dependent upon the health of your Brain and your Body. Attitude feeds off of them – it derives its positive or negative energy from the vitality of your physical being, or lack of it.

Therefore, If you take control of your Body, you can take control of your Life! This means you are deciding the direction of your life and how you want to live it. This connection is what gets us so motivated to create the PERFECT Fitness products. We realize that once you achieve success by taking control of your body, the positive Attitude you create for yourself will fortify your confidence in your Brain to dream greater and greater goals for you to accomplish. Team PERFECT's mission is to help you succeed at every stage of your journey of taking control of your body… and if we can provide you a little motivation along the way, then that's even better!

We believe the fastest and most successful method for taking control of your body is through natural movement - that is, exercise that comes from the way your body moves naturally. No matter what the exercise, your body responds best when you are exercising with it not against it. And when you perform natural movements, your body responds by engaging more muscles which means increased blood flow and more calories burned. This means better results, faster - and we call this Functional Fitness. The hidden benefit is this feels better because there is less strain on your joints… and when something feels good, we humans tend to stick with it!

This is why we're so passionate about what we do. Natural Movement represents the first step in optimally engaging all three of your Body's systems and this engagement can become a self-perpetuating success cycle - the more you move your body naturally, the better it fuels your Brain and powers your Attitude.

When this happens, you gain the confidence to try new things - to strive for bigger goals - to DREAM. And guess what happens when you succeed? Your success Fires UP your Attitude to challenge your Brain to dream up bigger goals, and when these bigger goals are accomplished, your positive Attitude fuels your confidence to keep the momentum of your success cycle moving in any direction you choose.

This cycle is what fuels us to create the PERFECT products. If we can make the fundamental movements of fitness as efficient, effective and comfortable as absolutely possible, then we believe we'll be helping inspire people to not only look and feel great, but we will be helping folks do great things – and that really FIRES US UP!

It's Up to You

How do you want to live your life?
How many times are you willing to fail in order to succeed?
How bold are you willing to dream and how much are you willing to risk, to pursue your dreams?

Now these questions are yours, to ask and to answer. We want you to hold onto your dreams and not accept any limitations until you've taken control of your Body. Give your Brain and Attitude the best opportunity you can by taking charge of yourself before you limit your ability to live the life you dream. Don't let others decide for you. Have the courage to find your own true limits. Ask yourself what you would do, if you knew you couldn't fail. If it's different from what you're doing now, ask yourself why you're not pursuing it.

Movement isn't just exercise, it's igniting your Brain, Body and Attitude to get somewhere you want to go. Your journey will be as challenging and rewarding as you're willing to dream - but your dreams will only be as bold as your desire.

If you take control of your Body, you can take control of your Life.

What are you waiting for? Get your body moving - And start living your dreams!